Thursday, 28 January 2010

When Her Closet Looks Like Narnia

My mums closet looks like the entrance to Narnia. So many fur coats past down from generations. However, she will never wear them, far to bourgeois for her she says. But some of her pieces are amazing; she used to be a punk when she was my age. Stories of going to concerts in bin bags and safety pins. A few pieces are left only now but they are still so retro. Raking threw your mums closet is almost a coming of age thing. Finally, when you look at those pieces and you appreciate them. Apparently, she threw away 95% of her clothes. She did not think I would want them! I guess when your 20 you are not really looking to the future. 

Her pieces 


  1. Love it all - I'm kind of grateful that people do get rid of their old stuff - I've found some amazing finds in vintage cloth stores and flea markets in Paris

  2. i know im gonna do some photos where i update them
    i just wish i had places to wear them all !

  3. wow wow wow, why doesnt my mum have a collection as gorgeous as this xx