Thursday, 28 January 2010

Body In A Box

I am constantly inspired by films, one of my favorite is White Oleander. The final scene where she maps out her life in suitcases is amazing. i could be homeless if i lived in this box.

Picture 955

If you have not watched anything by Sofia Coppola, I shake my head at you. Her films are amazing, she illustrated isolationism so strongly. Virgin suicides is my favorite.

I remember the first time I listened to pearl jam ten. I must have been 6 and black was on, I do not think I have ever looked back. I was lucky enough to see them in the summer.

Picture 958

These perfume Bottles I picked up in Prague at the Jewish quarter; I love the colours especially with the cameos in the middle. I want a whole collection of them.

Picture 966

I find after watching Into the wild I feel so materialistic. Things tie you down

Picture 973

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  1. Things certainly do tie you down and each time I move I have to find a safe place with a friend or a storage unit to stow away those things which has become a part of who I am. Each item holds the memories of the moment and who I was and who I have become. One day when I'm older and wiser I will gather them around me. I have no doubt that they will be my own personal time line of my life lived hopefully to the full... Take care - outstanding blog!