Sunday, 7 February 2010

I Have the Presents now Wheres the Boyfriend

my valentine picks, feel free to buy me them.......any takers.  im seriously considering getting a boyfriend just for valentines, is that so wrong?


  1. ill send you those cups, so you can bake goodies. the kitty toaster is really cool and a ffriend of mine would love it, but it doesnt toast bread evenly, and you deserve only the best. the shoes are heels :( pretty tho

    I heard they have a new CD from hendrix comming out soon :)

  2. sweet, have you heard the new wolfmother CD cosmic egg its amazing

  3. new too me, but googlin it I found
    sundial sounds cool and new moon rising is wild and has a familiar beat to it that I cant place, I think i need more drugs :) not that I condoan the use :p